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Top Exchanges Reviews

Top exchanges reviews

Probably the best Exchange out there providing great liquidity, endless trading opportunities and very easy to use even if you are a beginner.

  • Flag Established in the Malta
  • 13.5M users worldwide
  • 2017

The interface of most of the exchanges looks pretty much the same so it will look familiar if you used a crypto exchange before. The variety of coins is impressive and the overall experience is won...

  • Flag Established in the Seychelles
  • 10M users worldwide
  • 2021

One of the leading exchanges of the Asian crypto world. Supports very impressive number of coins (200+). Supports some of the states in the US and China.

  • Flag Established in the Singapore
  • 10M+ users worldwide
  • 2013

One of the oldest exchanges in the crypto world. All the regular features which you can find on other exchanges. Good security.

  • Flag Established in the United States of America
  • 6M+ users worldwide
  • 2013

What started as an Asian focused exchange is becoming one of my top 3 picks when it comes to trading. Probably better for those who already familiar with the crypto world as this is more advanced p...

  • Flag Established in the Seychelles
  • 20M users worldwide
  • 2017

I started with Bittrex and now I’m also using Binance and its quite similar though the verification process on Bittrex is stricter and the fees are higher. Besides that, there are over 400 coins su...

  • Flag Established in the Liechtenstein
  • 640K users worldwide
  • 2021

Nice exchange with over 100 supported coins, low fees, no verification needed for start and normal customer support.

  • Flag Established in the United States of America
  • 308K users worldwide
  • 2014


  • Flag Established in the Afghanistan
  • 350k users worldwide
  • 2019

Great exchange for US citizens (which can’t trade everywhere). High liquidity, nice user experience, easy to buy cryptocurrency, high fees.

  • Flag Established in the United States of America
  • 73M+ users worldwide
  • 2012

The interface is one of the best I ever saw (on mobile too). Supports only limited number of coins (mainly the biggest and well-known coins). The verification process is quite long.

  • Flag Established in the Cyprus
  • 13M+ users worldwide
  • 2007

High Volume, nice user interface, great support team (24/7 using email only) that answer within 12 hours, very reliable, option to buy crypto using credit card, new features rolling out. The only d...

  • Flag Established in the Hong Kong
  • 450K users worldwide
  • 2012

It is very similar to Kraken in terms of user interface and they more suitable for traders who tried a thing or two in the crypto world though super easy to understand. Bitstamp focuses on customer...

  • Flag Established in the United Kingdom
  • 4M+ users worldwide
  • 2011

No KYC needed for depositing crypto or trading crypto but needed once you want to withdraw your crypto (sending documents etc.) but the process is pretty smooth. Normal fees and amazing veriaty of ...

  • Flag Established in the United States of America
  • 460K users worldwide
  • 2013

The exchange is registered with FINCEN and applies AML (anti-money laundering) & KYC (know your customer) so you would have to verify your self before buying crypto using the platform. Very easy to...

  • Flag Established in the United Kingdom
  • 276K users worldwide
  • 2013

Very easy to use crypto broker for buying crypto. There are several cryptocurrency you can buy with USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, CAD & JPY. You can either use credit cards, ApplePay and Bank transfers (Bank...

  • Flag Established in the Israel
  • 2.8M users worldwide
  • 2013